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Lauren Faust: The God Empress of all Ponykind by EuropaMaxima

ALL HAIL LAUREN FAUST GODDESS OF ALL PONY AND PONYNOID!!!!! EVERYPONY HAIL! HAIL! MAY LAUREN FAUST HAVE MERCY UPON ALL OF US!!!!!!!!!!! In laiments term this is epic and i give all 5s any lower and i would die so before you say i go overboard with all caps look at how well everything blends with eachother it is beautifull also i like the notes on her wing it is a nice touch and overall i like her mane i cant go on with all of it since i really dont have a license to Critique but still awsome peace!
The Artist thought this was FAIR
23 out of 26 deviants thought this was fair.


greatknight22 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2013
Im not that same kid anymore, And i see that i have wronged the Critique section, I have tried to Remove it but i cant, Its so embarresing
assassinsrul3 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
As a critique, this is simply atrocious. If you're going to be a buffoon, at least have the decency to clutter the comments and not sully the critique section.
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